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Chrysalis eJudiciary is an e-filing and court case management digital platform. It integrates the justice system to ensure efficiency and transparency while making legal services accessible and affordable for all.

With Chrysalis eJudiciary, governments can build stronger legal communities, which form the foundation of a nation's success.

Features of eJudiciary


Electronic Filing and Services 

  • Access a convenient portal for eServices such as: 
    • Electronic Filing – online filing of court documents with the judiciary
    • Electronic Extract – online request to extract official records from the courts
    • Electronic Service of Documents – online serving and sharing of documents with other lawyers/parties

Case Management

  • End-to-end management of a case’s life cycle, from initiation and tracking to system alerts and post-judgment activities. 
  • Features a robust content management system – an integral capability to electronically store and manage case documents.
  • Includes advanced anti-tampering features to ensure document authenticity.

Hearing Management

  • Provides a reliable, flexible and convenient way for judicial users to schedule a hearing. The calendaring system can be used for various court division scenarios, such as civil, criminal and family.
  • An automated scheduling function simplifies the process by checking the availability of resources like court room and judges’ quota before making recommendations.

Performance Monitoring

  • Built-in business intelligence capabilities and pre-defined Key Performance Indicator templates provide performance measurement for various levels in the entire judiciary.
  • Easily identify and address bottlenecks with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Inter-agency Collaboration

  • Interactions among the judiciary, legal practitioners and agencies are enhanced.
  • These stakeholders can collaborate with one another easily through convenient access to multiple judiciary services and legal information.

Why choose eJudiciary

Achieve greater operational efficiency through proactive collaboration and engagement with the legal community
Improve efficiency by streamlining workflows into a single centralised network
Enhance transparency and effectiveness of the entire legal sector without compromising the quality of justice
Access a vast repository of online information with a single click and save time on search

What our customers say

eLitigation streamlines all components of judicial processes, from filing electronic court documents, to scheduling hearings, billing, collection and maintaining financial records. With eLitigation, the litigation process has greatly improved. Legal professionals and the Court can now collaborate in a secure, simple digital environment that is quick and convenient, thereby improving productivity and reducing costs.
Justice Lee Seiu Kin
Supreme Court of Singapore
The ministry has completed the development of a distinct group of eServices directed at the external customers and the employees within the eJustice programme, which aims to enable citizens and residents in the country to benefit from the judiciary services online to save their time and effort. The programme provides many judicial services and would alleviate any congestion that the customers may face in the ministry or the federal courts.
Mr Abdullah AI Majid
Head of Programme Management Office, Consultant to the Minister of Justice, UAE
With the introduction of the eJudiciary system and its adoption by the legal community, delivery of quality service at the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court has significantly improved, resulting in reduced time for a case to be in shape and fixed for trial. The system has also quickened the rate of disposal of cases and the targeted goal of disposal of commercial cases within 100 days of filing is now a reality at the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court.
The Judiciary

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